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Home Health Care and Assistance

This enables an individual to have services provided at home to facilitate the best individualized care possible! No facility can provide one on one care, it is normally one on 12 or 15 care and that is not optimal for individuals to thrive.

CarePro specializes in providing an individualized plan for Optimal Wellness through consultation with client, family, health professionals and our staff of professionals to carry out the optimized plan for each individual. 

Along with the Companionship Services our Aides will also assist with:

- Personal care and grooming; bathing, shower, shampoo, mouth care, foot baths, lotion and incontinence care.
- Stand by assist with walker, contact guard for balance, gait belt when needed, assistance with braces, cane, walker, hearing aide, etc...
-Our Aids are also able to assist with cooking meals, preparation and clean up!
 - Shopping, errands
- Medication reminders
- Pet care; walks, Litter box and feeding. We will also take your pets to their vet appointments.
- Light housekeeping; dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, damp mop, bed making, linen changes, laundry, ironing, cleaning out the refrigerator and taking out the trash! (With the exception of heavy lifting)
-Watering your plants.
- Transportation to Dr. appointments.
- Journaling, personal history, scrap books, online technology help, emails, etc. 
- Even spending time with you while you are in the hospital