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Testimonials from clients' families

Good Afternoon,
Oct 2017

I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of my family, to extend a heartfelt thank you, to you and the staff of CarePro for the excellent care you provided my Grandmother when she arrived home from her recent stay at Genesis. You folks were incredible.  I was impressed with how quickly you pulled everything together, and how efficient you were with the scheduling.  The care providers were excellent, and wonderful.  They were sensitive and mindful of my Grandmother’s immediate care needs, while at the same time, they were cognizant of allowing her room for independence within her home.  This is huge when it comes to home health care.  Your rates were reasonable, and we never worried that 'Grandma' would not be in the best of care.  
We especially loved 'her caregiver.'  She was so much fun, and she always made us laugh.  She was so kind to my Grandmother.  All of the care providers were excellent.  
I would highly recommend your services to everyone.  I never once worried about 'Grandma' while she was in your care.  

My very Best, and on behalf of the family, thank you all so much !
EL of White River Jct. VT

March 2017

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for helping make the transition for my dad from the hospital, to his home and now to [Nursing Home.]  Your staff of caregivers and nurses where the best. They were also incredible human beings. They were so competent and caring for my dad during this difficult and challenging time. Please extend to all your staff who cared for my dad and let them know that their love, compassion and kindness were greatly appreciated and especially how my Mom felt comforted and supported by all. I pray you continue to carry out your compassionate care for many other families in the future making their lives as comfortable and loved as you have for our family.

Sincerely yours,
KC of Hartford VT


To Office Manager,

February 2017
I am writing for the family to thank you for your many kindnesses and care for our father, in both of your roles. We greatly appreciate the smooth handlings of caregiver assignments and the seamless coverage and also your good, professional, and friendly contributions to his care at home. We think it all was as good as it can be! And we are grateful.
With Appreciation,
SG of Lebanon NH


To Everyone at CarePro who helped care for our father,

Jan 2017
We cannot say thank you enough for your care and concern for him. Without you, he would not have been able to spend his last days (months) at home as he wanted. You all were kind and thoughtful. We also thank you for visiting with us as well. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for care for a loved one.
E & VR
Claremont NH


To Whom It May Concern:

June 2015
I write to acknowledge the exemplary care my 96-year-old, Alzheimer’s-ridden aunt has received over the last four years from the excellent team at CarePro. 
Recently, I visited my aunt, for a period of a couple of weeks, and was able to observe at first hand what a magnificent job CarePro does to ensure my aunt’s comfort and care during what is surely her passing from this life. 
There were a multitude of kind, pleasant, and capable LNAs/HHAs who performed the day-to-day care of my aunt; in addition, CarePro liaised with hospice services, RNs, bath-givers, and my aunt’s State Guardian, all in an effort to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate care for my aunt. 
I met a dozen or more people affiliated with CarePro; while I sometimes became confused by the “cast of thousands” who were charged with caring for my aunt, not one of them was less than an angel walking this earth.  Each of them cared for my aunt, personally and professionally, and did their utmost to minister to me, too, during my visit, which I did not at all expect, and for which I am profoundly grateful. 
CarePro’s attention is properly focused on my aunt, and tending to her physical, emotional and spiritual needs as she navigates this part of her life’s journey.
I am happy to recommend CarePro whole-heartedly to anyone in the Upper Valley who is considering home health care for their elderly family member.  If you are considering other similar service providers in the area, I urge an abundance of caution. 
Sincerely yours
KE of San Francisco, CA



Dear Vickie and John,
On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for your incredibly professional and thoughtful care during my mother's recent illness.
Being far away while my mom was ill, and juggling the various personal responsibilities and emotions that accompanied our unpredictable and very difficult situation, was more challenging than any of us could have imagined. But once we had you in the picture, the picture greatly improved.
Your ability to work as a team, both within your own organization and in communication with my mother's team of caregivers at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, was critical- and you did it so well. We felt you kept us informed when there were things that needed to be discussed, but also knew when to save certain issues for a later date, when we were too distracted by more urgent matters.
Your staff member, (name removed), went leaps and bounds beyond our expectations of a personal caregiver. we all agree with much certainty that 'her' incredibly patient, focused, kind, dedicated, and frankly, "never-give-up", nature, made an enormous impact on my mother's successful recovery.
We can't thank you enough for your care and support, and we are thrilled that so many people in the Upper Valley do and will continue to benefit from your wonderful services.
Our very best wishes for your continued success.
New York, NY




Dear Vickie,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my father, (name removed), and all of his children. Since our stepmother's death in early September, you have arranged for a team of caregivers to provide assistance and support for our father, in a way that has made a huge difference to him and to us.
In particular, I would like to mention (Caregiver name removed). Her sensitivity and professionalism have helped him to weather the death of his wife and, even more wonderfully, to regain mental clarity and physical strength that he has not has in some time. She has put a tremendous amount of energy and time into helping him during this difficult time. He regrets having to leave, but I think he agrees that the assisted living facility in Nashua will be the best place for him over the coming years, especially as he will be near us.
Best Regards.
Bedford, MA 



In early June 2006 I interviewed Vickie Kreider and engaged her to manage home health care for my uncle when he returned home from a lengthy hospital stay late that month. When we met I was immediately impressed by her professional presence and thorough years of experience handling many varied situations. In the following months my opinion of Vickie's commitment to compassionate care has never wavered. Her skills do not stop with care management. She also manages the caregiver staff so well that we have has a constant team throughout. She keeps in constant contact with the caregivers who are with my uncle each day, makes frequent visits, attends all doctor's appointments and has a current assessment of his condition at all times. Although I am my uncle's Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Vickie is the doctor's contact person. I am completely comfortable delegating that responsibility to her as I live in another state. Thus we also speak regularly so I can assist in making good decisions about my uncle's care.
Our entire family is grateful for the excellent care that our uncle receives and highly recommends the services of Vickie Kreider and CarePro.
Avon, CT