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Training topics for Newly Hired Employees

Please visit every link and read all the material provided. If you choose to, you can print off all of the material to have with you on hand or in a folder for personal use. We will also provide you with related videos with extremely helpful information. Please make sure that you take time to watch these videos, even if you are a seasoned caregiver. 

Thank you and Welcome to our CarePro Family,


      Bathing (click)


Basic Anatomy (click)

Aging Process (click)

 Nutrition and Hydration (click) 

Elimination (click)

Hair and Nail Care (click)

Oral Care (click)

Skin Care (click)

Vital signs (click)

Transferring (click)

Mobility (click)

Positioning (click)

Hospice (click)

Clients Families (click)

Dressing (click)


Cognitive Impairment (click)